Kristy Noble

Kristy was raised in 14 houses over the 18 years she grew up in North Yorkshire, it may be this constant flow of homes and living that sparked a love for the interior from a young age. 

After graduating Kristy began her career by assisting Interior and Still Life photographers between her northern base and the capital.  In the summer of 2005 her love of interiors photography was cemented after spending 6 months at University in Springfield, Missouri, developing her calm, clean and focussed style while photographing the homes of locals with her Mamiya C330.

Kristy’s visual curiosity into how others live, what they choose to surround themselves with, and how they engage with their surroundings has always been the backbone to her photography.

She feels privileged to be working in an industry she loves, with her work ranging from still life to interiors and lifestyle. Kristy’s style is reflected in her love of the home as an anchor to peoples lives. Her attention to detail and eye for composition is influenced largely by American and European Modernist architecture and suburban imagery from the early 1950’s onwards.